Gokul Rajaram

I invest in early-stage technology startups and partner with founders to help them build enduring companies. 

As a product leader, operator and board member, I’ve helped build seven generational technology companies (Alphabet, Block, Coinbase, DoorDash, Meta,, Pinterest, and The Trade Desk). I’m proud to be an early investor in many exceptional companies, including Alation, Airtable, BetterUp, Cockroach Labs, Coda, Cohesity, CloudWalk, CRED, Curefit, Deel, Digital Ocean, Faire, FanDuel, Figma, Ironclad, Learneo, Pigment, Pipedrive, Printify, Poshmark, Postman, Quotient Technology, Rocket Money (fka Truebill), Rubrik, Shape Security, Taboola, Vercel and Vungle. 

Email is the best way to reach me: gokulr at gmail dot com.

How I work

I aim to be a founder's most helpful and trusted partner on the things that matter: product, growth, people, culture, and capital. I do this in three interlocking ways, which together ensure that I’m here for you through the highs and lows, from the start.

Example Problems I've helped Founders tackle

Founder Feedback

"I've learned a ton from Gokul, both when I was working for him at Square and as an advisor to me at Faire. He's an expert in the craft of building products and product strategy. A lot of what we've done at Faire was based on what I learnt from Gokul, from how to use OKRs to set goals to how to organize our teams as we've scaled."

Max Rhodes, co-founder and CEO, Faire

"Gokul works like a true partner, rolling up his sleeves and working side by side to help. He has the unique insights from being both an operator and an investor, which allows us to look at an issue both from an execution and a strategy perspective. His deep empathy for the startup journey makes him one of the most valuable partners as you scale your company."

Manish Chandra, co-founder and CEO, Poshmark

 "Gokul was our default go-to resource as we worked through questions around fundraising and business strategy. His ability to view situations both as an operator and as an investor means he's able to give practical guidance that yields tangible value. Simply put, if you have the opportunity to get him involved, do it." 

Yahya Mokhtarzada, co-founder and CRO, Rocket Money


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